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George Wenderlich  (Bass Guitar and Vocals)


George is an original member of the band and it was his vocal talent and bass guitar skills that made The Breeze Band what it is today.

Basically, people should be able to enjoy the music  (any music) and hold a conversation with the  person next to them without screaming. Also...  Music should be as fun to play as it is to hear. The members of the Breeze have known each other for close to 30 years  and the usual bickering and fighting that occurs with other bands is virtually non-existant with The Breeze Band. This is apparent when watching and listening to them perform.

Nick has been playing guitar for years and has performed with a number of bands. He is an original member of The Breeze Band and since his return, has has not missed a beat . We're glad to have him back.

Nick Marco (Lead Guitar)

Rob Maiorino   (Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards, and Vocals)

Rob has been in a number of bands which include:

ExCalibur, Circuit, The FM Band, and One for the Road.  (Later became Two for the Road after George joined him as a duo. They eventually found a drummer and a lead player and became The Breeze Band.  Rob and George are original members and have been since 1982


Lou Zalvino  (Drums)


Lou is a seasoned drummer with years of live band experience. He also teaches drums at a well known music store in the area.

After many auditions, we were lucky to aquire Lou as our drummer. He  shares the Breeze philosophy when it comes to live band music. The music we play is a  pleasant mix of country, southern rock, country rock, blues,  and classic rock.

The Breeze has always believed that these  genres of music would be enjoyed for many years.

That is why we continue to play old as  well as newer favorites of good old american music.

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